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abortion care with compassion and confidentiality

Our Clinic

Our Clinic

Our abortion clinic is unique because we allow involvement of your support person in the abortion process.

If you wish, you can bring a friend, partner, or family member along with you when you visit the clinic for a counseling session or an abortion procedure. But remember that this important decision is yours alone. You, the patient, are the only person who can decide whether or not abortion is the best choice for you.

Help in Making Your Decision 

Our goal is to listen to you and to respect your individual needs. We provide information about all your options, including abortion, in a quiet, comfortable setting. Before you make a decision about your pregnancy, we will help you consider medical risks, family needs, emotional and spiritual aspects, and all the other factors that may influence this very personal choice.

We are also experienced in helping women and girls who have become pregnant after sexual assault or sexual abuse. Our staff offers sensitive, supportive care and - at the patient's request - cooperation with law enforcement agencies to obtain evidence to pursue prosecution.
"This was the hardest decision of my life. Though I was confident in my decision, it was still very frightening facing the unknown. All of you were so supportive of myself and my boyfriend. We are truly grateful for your kindness."  - patient comment

Excellent Medical Care

Our clinic has been certified by the National Abortion Federation since 1979. We meet or exceed the requirements of this agency for quality abortion care. 
National Abortion Federation (NAF) - Affiliated Medical Services abortion clinic in Milwaukee, WI is a member of NAF

The Affiliated Medical Services team of physicians is nationally recognized for their years of experience and commitment to excellent, compassionate, quality abortion care.

Compassionate | Caring | Non-judgemental Staff

Our staff has extensive experience with surgical and medical abortions, many types of contraception, and testing/treatment for sexually-transmitted diseases.

We are committed to quality care and working together as a team to ensure that you receive compassionate, quality care.

If you have special medical needs, our medical staff can consult with your physicians and do their utmost to make your abortion procedure safe and comfortable.

We offer compassionate specialized services for women who seek an abortion because of genetic abnormality. Our staff will work closely with your OB/GYN, geneticist, or perinatologist.

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1428 N. Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202
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